Signs of an Ear Infection in Your Pet

Dogs can get ear infections just like humans. Also just like humans, a dog’s ear infection is uncomfortable, bothersome, and sometimes painful. It can impair their hearing, and if left untreated long enough, can cause permanent hearing loss, sepsis, and even death.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

If your dog is showing any of the signs or symptoms listed below, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian immediately to have them checked for an ear infection:

  • Scratching at the affected ear(s)
  • Dark discharge from the ears
  • Odor coming from the ears
  • Redness and swelling of the ear canal
  • Shaking the head back and forth
  • Pain in or around the ears
  • Itching around the ears
  • Crust or scabs in the ears
  • Wax buildup in ear canals

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Your veterinarian will thoroughly examine your dog’s ear and likely do some diagnostic testing and/or lab work to confirm an ear infection diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, they will likely prescribe an antibiotic for your dog to take by mouth with food, along with using an ear wash specifically formulated for dogs to clean out the affected ear(s) once or twice each day until symptoms subside.

For dogs who scratch at the affected ear(s) so much that they compromise their skin integrity, restriction aids may be required to stop the dog from breaking the skin on or around the ears. Dogs who shake their heads aggressively may experience a buildup of blood in the ear flaps which requires surgical removal and repair.

Urgent Care for Your Dog in Tampa Bay

Do you think your dog is having symptoms of an ear infection? Is your regular vet’s office not open because it’s an evening or weekend? Pet Urgent Care of Wesley Chapel can help. Our evening and weekend urgent care hours are perfect for incidents that pop up outside of traditional vet business hours. Just give us a call at (813) 279-6500 with any questions and when you’re on the way to notify us of your arrival so we can prepare, or check in online right from our website. We are conveniently located in North Tampa at 27027 SR 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.