Wesley Chapel Staff

Kimberly Pearson, DVM – Medical Director

Dr Kimberly Pearson was born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama where she resided until moving to Auburn Alabama. She graduated with honors from Auburn University with a Bachelors in animal and dairy sciences and she continued her education at Auburn where she received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2004. After graduation she worked as an associate in a small animal practice in Gulf Breeze, Florida for 8 years. Dr Pearson joined the United States Army in 2007 and during her 8 years serving as an officer she was deployed to Afghanistan where she had to set up a veterinary facility to care for the working dogs that were stationed in her area. In addition to taking care of the working animals and local wildlife, she was also responsible for traveling to other bases in Afghanistan to do inspections of the food and beverages that were supplied to the troops and contract employees. After her time in the US Army Dr Pearson decided to open her own veterinary hospital in Bunnell Florida. With the help of her business partner and boyfriend she converted a vacant home to a fully functional, upscale, full service veterinary hospital. While providing quality care to the fur babies in her community she also worked closely with the rescue organizations in her area to provide the veterinary care and services the pets needed in order to find a forever loving home. In 2016 Dr Person relocated to Gautier Mississippi where she worked as a relief veterinarian providing services to over 12 veterinary hospitals in Mississippi and Alabama. After being away from Florida for a few years, she felt the call to return to the lovely sunshine state where she continued to provide veterinary relief services to multiple veterinary clinics until accepting a full time position at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital and Pet Urgent Care of Wesley Chapel. Her professional interests include veterinary dentistry, soft tissue surgery, and dermatology.

Dr Pearson currently has 2 amazing kitties Jenna was brought to her as a 1 week old orphan and Gracie who was abandoned at one of the clinics that she worked at. She loves to do Karaoke, dance and have fun in the sun during her time away from work.

Dr. Janna Rhoades, DVM

Dr. Rhoades is originally from Evansville, IN. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Southern Indiana before starting a full time position with the Walt Disney World company as a performer. While performing, she received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida. She then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the Caribbean island St. Kitts, West Indies. For her clinical year, she attended Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated May 2017 with her DVM degree.

After graduation, Dr. Rhoades completed a rotating internship with BluePearl Veterinary Partners Specialty and Emergency hospitals in Florida. She worked closely with many specialists and also worked emergency. It was here that she discovered her passion for surgery and was accepted into a surgical internship with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in San Antonio, Texas. During her second internship, Dr. Rhoades decided to move forward with general practice and emergency medicine.

Dr. Rhoades has still continued to further her education and is currently studying for her certificate in companion rehabilitation therapy.

Outside the office, Dr. Rhoades enjoys spending time with her family, friends and 3 pets. She has 2 cats (Pumpkin and Tilly) and 1 dog (Killian). Leisure activities include shopping, exercising, binge watching TV, going to the movies and baking.

Kelton – Lead Veterinary Technician

I got into Veterinary Medicine because I wanted to help them as much as I possibly could and do what I can for those who can’t. I do plan to become a veterinarian, but also want to work as a geneticist. I currently study cellular and molecular bio.

I have 3 pets; I have 2 dogs, and they are Buddy that is 14 years old, and Molly who is 8 years old. Plus, I have a cat named Cyrus who is 8 years old.

Ashley – Client Coordinator

My name is Ashley, and I’ve always been around animals. I find so much joy in playing with dogs and cats. I have cared for farm animals along with snakes and rodents. I spent several years volunteering at an Equine Rescue right here in Tampa.

My dog is 4 years old Siberian Husky, named Iris, and she’s a dainty little lady with very strong opinions about how often she is to be fed!

My goals are to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, first by receiving my Vet Tech certification and then onward to become a Veterinarian. My Dream is to have a lovely little farm of my own and help rural communities get the veterinary care they need for their livestock and farm dogs.

Ann – Veterinary Technician

Ann has been working in the veterinary field since 2004. A fun fact about her is she has 5 kids! She also has a bunch of pets at home including: a dog named Ricky, a bearded dragon Desert, Leopard Gecko named Rex, Guinea pig named Fluff, and two gerbils!

Victoria Ulloa – Veterinary Technician

I recently moved from Dallas, Texas to continue school here in Florida. I am a junior at USF studying for a bachelors in biomedical science. I have always love the vet field and I plan to continue my education and go to vet school. I have a morkie named Buddy. On my free time I love to paint and watch new tv shows.

Gabe – Veterinary Technician

In his free time, Gabe loves spending time with his girlfriend and kids. He is a huge fan of the Boston Celtics, and always has the coolest pair of shoes on! He has been in the veterinary field for over 7 years and is passionate about helping pets in need.

Anthony – Veterinary Technician

Anthony is currently a technician at Seven Oaks. He is from Tampa, Fl, and graduated from Leto High School. He loves going kayaking and cooking in his free time, and he loves cats!

James – Veterinary Technician

I got into veterinary medicine when I was 19 years old. A friend’s mother was s vet and I was offered a job. I worked as a vet tech over the next 12 years before heading off to work as an EMT. Aafter 8 years on ambulances, I came back to veterinary medicine. I have 2 cats, one that is 13 and one that is still a kitten.

Elizabeth – Veterinary Technician

I will be 30 this November.

I always wanted to be a surgeon. Worked in rescue for many years and had an “un-soluble” case with a foster and went back to school to be a vet. Got accepted into vet school last year. Completed an ER externship at VEG and fell in love with ER Vet Med. Ended up becoming a tech to learn as much as I could to be the best doctor I can be.
I currently live in Brandon. I have 13 pets……Crazy I know. 9 Cats/4 dogs.
I am currently majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology @ UCF

Marissa – Veterinary Assistant

I got into Veterinary Medicine because it is something I love doing with all of my heart. My goal is to learn as much as I can, and I want to go to school to be a Vet Tech.

I have four dogs. Remi, I rescued off the side of the road, and I have had her for 3 years. Plus, I have Cupcake & Rufus, I rescued them plus two more at 22 days old, they will be 3 in September. Also, I have River, my boyfriend’s dog, she will be 2 in June.

One quirky thing about me is everyone points out is that I’m tall and built like a linebacker. My nickname is Sasquatch.

Wedlene – Veterinary Assistant