Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea?

If your dog is experiencing diarrhea, you need a solution fast. In this post, we’ll review the most common causes of diarrhea in dogs, what you can do to treat diarrhea at home, and when to call for professional help.

Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

There are many reasons why dogs have diarrhea, including:

  • Eating spoiled food
  • Eating food that is not fit for their diet
  • Ingesting too much grass
  • Being infected with a virus or bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Consuming poisonous plants
  • Ingesting a chemical toxin
  • Intolerance or allergy to a food
  • Stress
  • Change in diet
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Pancreatitis
  • Colitis
  • Liver disease

Ingesting Poison

If you suspect that your dog may have ingested something poisonous, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Some common poisonous household plants include hyacinths, irises, lilies, azaleas, rhododendrons, sago palms, and tulips.

Home Treatments for Diarrhea in Dogs

If your dog has diarrhea that is not severe and does not last for more than a day or two, there are some things you can do at home to help them feel better. Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and try feeding them small, frequent meals of bland, easily digestible food like white rice and chicken broth. Avoid giving them table scraps or anything else that might upset their stomach further. If your dog is still having diarrhea after a day or two, or if they are showing any other signs of illness, it is important to call your veterinarian.

When to Seek Professional Help

In some cases, diarrhea can be a symptom of a more serious underlying health condition. If your dog has diarrhea that lasts for more than a day or two, or if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, fever, or lethargy, it is important to have them seen by a veterinarian.

Some potential causes of prolonged or severe diarrhea include intestinal blockages, pancreatitis, colitis, liver disease, and cancer.

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